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Wood Line Uni Antigrav

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ANTIGRAV | WL Nutwood Country Antigrav

Product characteristics
Product characteristics NA
Item number 19569
Format 2600x1000x3,3 mm
Base material PP-glass fibers
Surface material impregnated paper
Material thickness 3,3 mm
Temperature stability up to 60 °C
Wet room suitability ●●●○
Abrasion resistance ●●●●○○
Rolled packable -

Extra equipment NA
Format options
on request
further thicknesses -
Cuttings possible
magnetic* from 3 sheets
PVA pre-treatment -
Processing NA SA
Cutting -
Punching -
Drilling -
Sawing -
Laser cutting -
Hot bending - -
PUR/PVA compressible -
Smallest bending radius 1.000 mm -
Printable -
screen printing possible, prior to printing a corona or plasma, treatment has to be carried out. By request available in pre-treated version.
Customer printing test necessary! Original sample will be provided - contact SIBU for more information

SIBU Silicon 1.4A -
SIBUKLE Spatula A2 -

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