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LL ROMBO 40 Oxy Terra

SIBU sets new trends

SL IMPACT Antique Bronze



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  • Leather Line

    Fashionable synthetic leather surfaces in a wealth of designs and colours.

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  • Deco-Line

    Brilliant mirror and metallic surfaces, as well as trendy wood patterns.

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  • Multistyle

    Individual and flexible mosaic pattern sheets with mirror and metallic surfaces.

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  • Acrylic Line

    Patterned, high-gloss surfaces made from first class ABS/PMMA in an especially abrasion-resistant quality.

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  • Structure Line

    A patterned eye-catcher, which offers everything from a vintage concrete look to sophisticated reptilian surfaces.

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  • Punch Line / 3D

    Perforated patterned sheets with or without a 3D effect.

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  • SibuGlas

    A must-have for the furniture industry! Acrylic glass backed by leather and co. creates a revolutionary depth effect.

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  • Translucent

    SIBU TRANSLUCENT-LINE literally adds sparkle to any room!

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  • Profiles

    Matching profiles for perfect edges.

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  • HPL

    HPL LEATHER SHEETS - the simplest way of bonding!

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  • PNL

    Top quality, stylish synthetic leather with fine nappa leather grain.

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  • Wood Line

    SIBU DESIGN goes Nature

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  • 2017-03-05 EUROSHOP 2017

    Euroshop 2017 Düsseldorf (Germany)  05.03.2017 - 09.03.2017 exhibitor: SIBU Design hall: 10 [...] more about.

  • 2016-10-24 SIBU DESIGN at the SICAM 2016

    At SICAM Fair in Pordenone, Italy (October 18-21, 2016), we introduced for the first time the SIBU [...] more about.

  • 2016-11-14 TRENDS 1.7

    The SIBU new products catalogue OVERVIEW TRENDS 1.7 is now available as a digital work tool. This [...] more about.

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